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SP3004   12" Silly Monkey
SP3903B   14" African American Princess Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3801   14" Amy Hand / Glove Puppet
SaleBarbara   14" Barbara
SP3401B   14" Barbara Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3701   14" Bobby Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3501   14" Cindy Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3166   14" Devil Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3601   14" Eddie Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3821   14" Emily Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3005A   14" Full Body Blue Monster Puppet
SP3005C   14" Full Body Green Monster Puppet
SP3005D   14" Full Body Orange Monster Puppet
SP3005B   14" Full Body Purple Monster Puppet
Glove-Puppet-Package   14" Glove Puppet Package of 5. (Choose your own puppets)
SP3301B   14" Hand / Glove Puppet Calvin
SP3301C   14" Hand / Glove Puppet Carlos
SP3304   14" Hand / Glove Puppet Chef Luigi
SP3002   14" Hand / Glove Puppet Dalmatian Firedog
SP3302B   14" Hand / Glove Puppet Ethnic Fireman
SP3101B   14" Hand / Glove Puppet Ethnic Grandpa
SP3201B   14" Hand / Glove Puppet Ethnic Granny
SP3303B   14" Hand / Glove Puppet Ethnic Policeman
SP3302   14" Hand / Glove Puppet Fireman
SP3301   14" Hand / Glove Puppet George
SP3201   14" Hand / Glove Puppet Granny
SP3101C   14" Hand / Glove Puppet Hispanic Grandpa
SP3201C   14" Hand / Glove Puppet Hispanic Granny
SP3303   14" Hand / Glove Puppet Policeman
SP3101   14" Hand / Glove Puppet Pops
SP3007   14" Hand / Glove Puppet Skeleton
SP3861C   14" Jasmine Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3161   14" Jesus Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3751B   14" Jordan Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3631C   14" Jose Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3164   14" Joseph Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3521   14" Katie Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3721   14" Kenny Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3591D   14" Kimmie Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3401C   14" Maria Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3162   14" Mary Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3901   14" Mermaid Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3165   14" Moses Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3006   14" Mouse w/Sneakers
SP3163   14" Noah Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3202B   14" Nun, Black, Hand Puppet
SP3202C   14" Nun, Hispanic , Hand Puppet
SP3202   14" Nun, Peach, Hand Puppet
SP3902   14" Pirate Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3903   14" Princess Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3401   14" Sarah Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3167   14" Shepherd Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3851B   14" Sierra Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3571   14" Susie Hand / Glove Puppet
SP3771   14" Tommy Hand / Glove Puppet
PF2002C   16" Half Body Puppet Ben
PF1008C   16" Half Body Puppet Bubba
PF1007C   16" Half Body Puppet Granny
PF2007C   16" Half Body Puppet Josh
PF1006C   16" Half Body Puppet Pappy
PF1009C   16" Half Body Puppet Pete
PF2003C   16" Half Body Puppet Ralph
SP2751R   25" Always Say A Prayer Puppet
SP2861R   25" Cristo Te Ama Puppet
SP2166   25" Devil Puppet w/ Glowing Eyes
SP2801   25" Full Body Puppet Amy
SP2401B   25" Full Body Puppet Barbara
SP2701   25" Full Body Puppet Bobby
SP2301B   25" Full Body Puppet Calvin
SP2301C   25" Full Body Puppet Carlos
SP2304   25" Full Body Puppet Chef Luigi
SP2501   25" Full Body Puppet Cindy
SP2601   25" Full Body Puppet Eddie
SP2821   25" Full Body Puppet Emily
SP2302B   25" Full Body Puppet Ethnic Fireman
SP2101B   25" Full Body Puppet Ethnic Grandpa
SP2201B   25" Full Body Puppet Ethnic Granny
SP2303B   25" Full Body Puppet Ethnic Policeman
SP2302   25" Full Body Puppet Fireman
SP2301   25" Full Body Puppet George
SP2101   25" Full Body Puppet Grandpa
SP2201   25" Full Body Puppet Granny
SP2101C   25" Full Body Puppet Hispanic Grandpa
SP2201C   25" Full Body Puppet Hispanic Granny
SP2861C   25" Full Body Puppet Jasmine
SP2751B   25" Full Body Puppet Jordan
SP2631C   25" Full Body Puppet Jose
SP2521   25" Full Body Puppet Katie
SP2721   25" Full Body Puppet Kenny
SP2591D   25" Full Body Puppet Kimmie
SP2401C   25" Full Body Puppet Maria
SP2901   25" Full Body Puppet Mermaid
SP2902   25" Full Body Puppet Pirate
SP2303   25" Full Body Puppet Policeman
SP2903   25" Full Body Puppet Princess
SP2401   25" Full Body Puppet Sarah
SP2851B   25" Full Body Puppet Sierra
SP2571   25" Full Body Puppet Susie
SP2771   25" Full Body Puppet Tommy
SP2771R   25" God Answers Prayers Puppet
SP2801R   25" God Is Love Puppet
SP2601R   25" Jesus Is My Superhero Puppet
SP2161   25" Jesus Puppet
SP2164   25" Joseph Puppet
SP2162   25" Mary Puppet
SP2165   25" Moses Puppet
SP2163   25" Noah Puppet
SP2202B   25" Nun, Black, Full Body, Ventriloquist Style Puppet
SP2202   25" Nun, Peach, Full Body, Ventriloquist Style Puppet
SP2202C   25" Nun,Hispanic, Full Body, Ventriloquist Style Puppet
SP2167   25" Shepherd Puppet
SP2521R   25" Smile Jesus Loves You Puppet
Set6   25" The Playground Kids Puppet Set
SP0002   28" Silly Bear w/ arm rod
SP0001   28" Silly Bear w/ Mittens (Two Handed)
SP2004   28" Silly Monkey Puppet
SaleAmy   30" Amy - New - Unused
SaleCindy   30" Cindy - New - Unused
SP2005A   30" Full Body Blue Monster Puppet
SP2005C   30" Full Body Green Monster Puppet
SP2005D   30" Full Body Orange Monster Puppet
SP2005B   30" Full Body Purple Monster Puppet
SP1801   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Amy
SP1401B   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Barbara
SP1701   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Bobby
SP1301B   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Calvin
SP1301C   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Carlos
SP1501   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Cindy
SP1601   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Eddie
SP1821   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Emily
SP1101B   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Ethnic Grandpa
SP1201B   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Ethnic Granny
SP1301   30" Full/Half Body Puppet George
SP1101   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Grandpa
SP1201   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Granny
SP1101C   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Hispanic Grandpa
SP1201C   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Hispanic Granny
SP1861C   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Jasmine
SP1751B   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Jordan
SP1631C   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Jose
SP1521   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Katie
SP1721   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Kenny
SP1591D   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Kimmie
SP1401C   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Maria
SP1401   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Sarah
SP1851B   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Sierra
SP1771   30" Full/Half Body Puppet Tommy
Granny   30" Hispanic Granny - No Legs
SalePops2   30" Pops - Black Dot
SalePops   30" Pops New - Unused
30-set-of-5   30" Puppet Package of 5 Puppets (Choose your own)
Set6-30   30" The Playground Kids Puppet Set
PinkBird   38" Pink Jingle Bird
RedBird   38" Red Jingle Bird
SP2004B   38" Silly Monkey (Wrap Around) Puppet
Eagle   38" Tall Eagle Flamingo Marionatte
Goat   38" Tall Gray Goat Marionatte
Orange   38" Tall Orange Flamingo Marionatte
Pink-2   38" Tall Pink Flamingo Marionatte
Pink   38" Tall Pink Jingle Bird Marionatte
Rainbow   38" Tall Rainbow Flamingo Marionatte
Red   38" Tall Red Jingle Bird Marionatte
SF3801   Amy Finger Puppet
Armrod   Arm Rod
Stage5   Bi Level Stage and 5, 25" Puppets Package
BiLevel-Color   Bi-Level PVC Portable Puppet Stage
SF3701   Bobby Finger Puppet
F601   Bubbles Blacklight Fish
SET030   Digging Through God's Word (Scripts & Puppets)
Stand   Display Stand for Single Puppet
F603   Gabby Blacklight Fish
F602   Goldie Blacklight Fish
SP0010   Grasshopper Puppet
SP0013   Hatching Silly Bird Puppet
SF3861   Jasmine Finger Puppet
SF3751   Jordan Finger Puppet
SF3631   Jose Finger Puppet
SF3521   Katie Finger Puppet
SF3721   Kenny Finger Puppet
F600   Mac Erel Blacklight Fish
SF3901   Mermaid Finger Puppet
SM3901   Mermaid Marionette
SP0009   Moll On Hill Puppet
SM3005A   Monster (Blue) Marionette
SM3005C   Monster (Green) Marionette
SM3005D-   Monster (Orange) Marionette
SM3005B   Monster (Purple) Marionette
SFN1001B   Nancy Blacklight Puppet
SFN1002   Nash Blacklight Puppet
SP0012   Peacock Puppet
SP0014   Penguin Puppet
SF3902   Pirate Finger Puppet
SM3902   Pirate Marionette
SF3903   Princess Finger Puppet
KI-603N   Professor Watts
SFN1002B   Sam Blacklight Puppet
SFN1001   Sandy Blacklight Puppet
1212   Side View Mirror Covers "Pink Power" Large pr Breast Cancer Awareness
SF3851   Sierra Finger Puppet
SP0011B   Silly Kitty (Gray) Puppet

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